Baltpool in Latvia - volumes increased twice!

Baltpool energy exchange tradе volumes in Latvia during the first five months in 2020 y. are twice increased, compared with whole 2019 y. volumes!

Thanks for our clients for cooperation and encouraging us to continually improve and grow together!

Please find below short statistics about our cooperation in Oct 2019 – Mar 2020 heating season:

  • 28% on average Latvian buyers paid less for wood chips at Baltpool exchange compared to over-the-counter market contracts during heating season Oct 2019 – Mar 2020;
  • 12.48 vs 15.96 Еur/Mwh: the average heating season price in Latvia in Oct 2019 – Mar 2020. (Baltpool exchange price vs MeKa data).
  • 13.14 vs 15.93 Eur/Mwh: the average annual price in Latvia in Oct 2019 – Mar 2020. (Baltpool exchange price vs MeKa data).
  • 8,3 million: the amount that Latvian buyers could have saved in 2019 y., had the total market amount of wood chips been purchased from Baltpool exchange.
  • 12.04 Eur/Mwh - the last actual auction price in Latvia for Oct 2020 – Mar 2021 heating season.

                             Welcome to check the price level of Your contracts and compare it with Baltpool!

Data: Baltpool/ Meža un koksnes produktu pētniecības un attīstības institūts(MeKa)

Despite the warmer than usual winter and lower than usual consumption of heating, we are delighted with the increased Latvian participants activity in Baltpool exchange in 2019:

25% the increase in the number of registered Latvian participants.

66 - the total number of Latvian participants at the exchange today.

26 buyers and 49 sellers (including participants with the status of both buyer and seller).

43% of Latvian heat suppliers are registered with the Baltpool exchange.

30% of Latvian participants are active and submit bids in each auction.

38% of offers to Latvian buyers were submitted by Lithuanian sellers.

50% - the increase in the trading turnover of Latvian participants compared to 2018.

EUR 2.2 million: the value of orders from Latvian buyers in 2019.

EUR 8 million: the value of seller offers that participated in auctions in Latvia.

EUR 1.1 million: the amount of contracts awarded.