small group mentoring with Lara Briden

Are you a practitioner who treats period problems? Consider joining me for a short series of online mentoring sessions. 

I'm hoping to gather small groups of six practitioners with roughly the same level of experience to meet for four sessions either monthly or fortnightly. Together, we'll assess individual cases based on history, imaging studies. and conventional blood tests. We'll also discuss treatment.

If you're interested, please complete this short survey where you can also leave your email address to receive more information.


Lara Briden, naturopathic doctor and author of Period Repair Manual

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Naturopath and author

Lara Briden

I'm a naturopathic doctor and author of the book Period Repair Manual. I've worked twenty years with patients and have experience with many women's health conditions including PCOS, endometriosis, and perimenopause.